Donation of Lands to “Mithuru Mithuro” – Jan/15/2008

Donation of Land to “Mithuru Mithuro” Movement by Mrs. S.B. De Sarem for the construction of a Rehabilitation & Treatment Center for Women

While the need for a rehabilitation & treatment center for women is a great need, the dream of realizing same is imminent with the completion of 2 floors ofn the 3 storied building housing the treatment center.

While the rehabilitation program is a resident program, the treatment center is to hold up to 25 such individuals. The facilities for the dormitory, facilities for day to day training and workshops and facilities and utensils for the kitchen are among the main requirements that have been looked at as an immediate st
ep. In addition to furnishing, electricity and water supply (Plumbing) are also being looked at expediently.

“Mithuru Mithuro” sincerely welcomes guidance and support from any generous party who is willing to assist in achieving this task of building a fully fledged rehabilitation & treatment center for women


5th Lifetime Achievement National Award – 2007

5th Mithuru Mithuro Lifetime Achievement National Award ceremony was held on the 15th of January, 2008 at Maharagama NYC main auditorium. Minister of youth affairs, Ms Pavithra Wanniarachchi participated as the chief guest and MP Thalatha Athokorala, US ambassador Robert Blake, Dr. AT Ariyarathne, DIG Sirisena Herath among invited guests. The Assistant Vice President of Daytop Internationl New York, Aloysius Joseph attended on behalf of Daytop Inc. as the guest of honor. 23 youths were awarded for their sober life & great achievement.


Donation of Land to “Mithuru Mithuro” Movement by Mrs. A.I. Rodrigo, at the 5th Graduation Ceremony of Mithuru Mithuro

“Mithuru Mithuro” envisages in utilizing the donated 2 acres of land by the Rodrigo family, to build an all encompassing facility that will include a counseling center for youth, a daycare for children and a retirement home for the elderly with all required facilities. This has been a long over due requirement and “Mithuru Mithuro” is finally putting the building blocks together in accomplishing it.

While initial planning is underway, we sincerely welcome guidance and support from any generous party who is willing to assist us in achieving our goal of providing a comforting shoulder to the children, the youth and the elders of our communities.


5th Lifetime Achievement 
National Award – 2007