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Mithuru Mithuro Movement is an approved charity organization by the Government of Sri Lanka. We very much appreciate your great help hand to achieve our goal & mission, “Drug Free Word” and this site is being developed for Wire-Transfers for the donors, who are willing to make it on-line. You can directly contact Rev. Kuppiyawatte Bodhanda Thero or any of staff member at Mithuru Mithuro for any kind of contribution.

Current Projects

We are looking for your contribution for building up a PC Network linking all the facilities.
Estimated Cost:  $20,000 (Rs.2,200,000)
Equipment / Services

20 nos. PCs / 2.8 GHz. or up

15 nos. Printers

12 Routers + Switches

12 DSL/ADSL Internet Connections for all the facilities

Cables & Technology

Need PCs for establishing a computer training program for the residents at Mithuru Mithuro HQ, Pelmadulla.
Estimated Cost:  $20,000 (Rs.2,200,000)
Equipment / Services

20 nos. PCs / 2.8 GHz. or up

04 nos. Printers

02 Scanners

01 Multi Media


01 Router

01 24 port Switch

01 DSL/ADSL Internet Connections

Cables & Technology

Multilingual capability is always considered a talent that will be admired under all circumstances. Most Sri Lankans are bilingual, as two most common languages in the country since ancient times have been Sinhala and Tamil. However, none fall into the category of international languages. Although Sri Lanka does enjoy a high literacy rate, it is obvious that the country lacks the expertise of a community that is sufficiently educated in the English language to take the nation to the great heights that it’s people envisage in achieving.

The varying and diverse standards in the Sri Lankan education system together with the lack of resources and facilities contribute to this drawback. Hence it is high time that positive action be taken to counter this issue as we have been rather lethargic in addressing this even at national level. Therefore “Mithuru Mithuro” have decided to lend a hand to the communities that are interested in learning English as a second language.

Mithuru Mithuro is in the process of finalizing plans to build a facility fully equipped for a residential study programme on English language for students awaiting O/L and A/L results. We have also designed the same programme for school leavers as well as students awaiting university entrance. Statistics show that most youth fall victim to drug abuse and other illicit and immoral activities during the interim periods they spend awaiting examination results. We sincerely believe this effort will indirectly address this issue and safe guard our future generation. further, not only this facility will provide the required language training, it will also hold a training program in Human Values Development (HVD). While both these programs will be joined into one, the HVD program will be conducted in English supplementing the essential application of the English knowledge learnt at the envisioned Language and Human Values Development Center. We also plan to conduct a crash course in AIDS / HIV and Drug awareness as a bonus using the lessons learnt from applying the Therapeutic Community Model as tool for behaviour change.

The staff administering the programme will also be both residential and visiting. We have estimated a cost of US$ 85,000 for the programme to be successfully launched, which will cover study center and facilities, residential facilities for students and staff, salaries, scholarships for selected students, administrative cost, etc. We hope to charge a reasonable and a minimal amount from students who can afford same for the upkeep and maintenance of the institution and would largely depend on the national and international communities for their generous contributions. It is a mere effort in which we hope to help the younger generation build more confidence when facing the challenges of the developing world. We await your generosity.