Donation of Lands to “Mithuru Mithuro” – Jan/15/2008

Donation of Land to “Mithuru Mithuro” Movement by Mrs. S.B. De Sarem for the construction of a Rehabilitation & Treatment Center for Women While the need for a rehabilitation & treatment center for women is a great need, the dream of realizing same is imminent with the completion of 2 floors ofn the 3 storied […]

New Year Celebration & Teachers Day at “Mithuru Mithuro” 2008

New Year Celebration – 2008 Mithuru Mithuro celebrated yet another Sinhala, Tamil and Hindu New Year at “Nisansala” (at Gampaha on 10th April 2008 – three days prior to actual New Year day), a Center of the Mithuru Mithuro family dedicated towards rehabilitation and treatment for drug affected individuals. This is an annual function where […]

Organization for Comradeship and Friendly Support – 2008

Organization for Comradeship and Friendly Support (Mithuru Mithuro Support Group) The new executive committee of the above organization elected at the annual General Meeting held at the BMICH on 11th July met at the VOICE of Mithuru Mithuro on the 19th July 2008. Rev. Kuppiyawatte Bodhananda Thero, the Director Mithuru Mithuro presided where 7 out […]